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Smooth Surface Preparation: Fusing Kiln Wash

Smooth Surface Preparation:
Fusing Kiln Wash

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236

Originally formulated for coating smooth surfaces, such as stainless steel molds; SSP has many other uses. This kiln wash will effectively coat nearly any non-porous surface, including glazed ceramic.

Brush on one thin coat (cold) and let dry. Apply a second thin coat if desired. Some prefer spray-on application (NL-366 or NL-310). For added durability fire to 950°F in a ventilated kiln, burning out binding agents before continuing on to full-fuse.

After first firing brush vigorously with an old cloth to smooth the surface. If it is being used on a slumping mold, a second thin coat can be applied to fill in any imperfections.

Repeat firings are dependent on the proper application.  Inspection of the mold is required before each firing to identify imperfections which would expose mold to glass.

1 pint jar
Price: $19.99

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