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W.O.W.I.* Bits (Recycled Glass Cullet)

Our W.O.W.I.* Bits come in four sorted sizes: Extra-Large (XL), Large (LG), Medium (MD), and Small (SM).

Extra Large Glass Cullet (FFCXL):

20 pounds per box,
Approximate Size: 0.5” to 1”
Price: $24.00

Large Glass Cullet (FFCL):

24 pounds per box,
Approximate Size: 0.25” to 0.5”
Price: $26.00

Medium Glass Cullet (FFCM):

24 pounds per box,
Approximate Size: 0.125” to 0.25”
Price: $26.00

Small Glass Cullet (FFCS):

20 pounds per box,
Approximate Size: sub 0.125”
Price: $29.00

W.O.W.I. Bits have COE of 88 and should be pre washed to eliminate any dirt or contaminants which might lessen the clarity of your finished artwork. Wash with Freedom Flux to retain more of the clarity during fusing or use without flux to produce a “cellular,” devitrified look (a.k.a. BioGlass). Devitrifies less than PPG float under the same thermal regimes. We use earth-friendly, 3-mil and 6-mil W.O.W.I. Float Glass recycled from post industrial waste which is sorted, recycled, and packaged in Mexico.

Fusing Farm Cullet

Cullet is glass waste, broken up into chunks after sorting in preparation for reuse. Our glass cullet comes from post industrial sources to assure the best quality and consistency. Thorough testing has been performed on each source. Our four different sizes of graded clear cullet are compatible with the Fusing Farm fusing system.

Each batch of cullet that we receive undergoes extensive compatibility testing; due to its recycled nature there may be inconsistencies within the batch. These inconsistencies can be picked out for the "clean" results, or left in for the unique Art Marks that they provide to your "Green Art". Always test the product on your base glass, using a polarimeter on a fused sample, prior to embarking on any major fusing project.

* W.O.W.I. is the abbreviation for "Waste of window industry."

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