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Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass

Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass

Kiln-forming as a technique to shape glass was in use for centuries before the Romans developed glass blowing and yet it has been greatly overshadowed by glass blowing. Today, modern glass artists are rediscovering the versatility of kiln-forming and using its techniques to produce works of great beauty and strength. In this book, Keith Cummings reviews the history of kiln-forming and discusses materials and methods such as slumping and fusing. He uses the work of an international group of artists to illustrate the text.

In this new version of Keith Cummings's classic book, over 50 of the old black and white illustrations have been replaced with new color images. The result is a masterly text illuminated with a glorious feast of color images. A must for everyone interested in glass—whether they work in the medium or just admire its beauty.

Price: $65.00

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