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Richard La Londe: Fused Glass Art and Technique

Richard La Londe:
Fused Glass Art and Technique

"In the 1980's a renaissance of suing and slumping begins, and Richard La Londe is an important part of these renewed explorations in glass. He is present when fusing and slumping are expanding out into the 'glass scene' and he brings these moments to life in this book."—From the Foreword by Fritz Dreisbach

This book includes:
  • 45 pages of glass fusing history.
  • A portfolio selection of Richard La Londe’s art
  • The technical aspects about glass fusing
  • More than 50 pages about La Londe’s fusing techniques
  • Gold leaf and foil techniques
  • Kilns, glory holes, mounting systems
  • and much, much, more!
Price: $50.50

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