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Richard La Londe and Friends

Richard La Londe
and Friends

Now in his second book, La Londe goes back in history, to a time before "tested compatible glass," where artists used enamels and window glass. "My idea for this book was to look at glass enamelists from the 1950's, like Maurice Heaton, Frances and Michael Higgins, Glen Lukens, and Edwin Walter and try to figure out how they might have done their glass pieces - then to update these techniques with modern materials. I found out later that I got some of it wrong, but in the process I developed new ways to work with glass. I also brought other artists into this book to explain how they work with glass. Some are close friends, some are new friends, and some I am honored to have visited briefly. Others, are deceased and I never knew them, but in researching their lives, touching their artwork, and recreating some of their processes, I gained a sense of knowing them"

La Londe also takes us back to the earth, where humans fashioned natural glass into tools. He discusses the invention of "man-made" glass and the development of "vitreous enamels" for glass decoration.

This book includes:
  • 127 pages about enamels, lusters, and glazz painting.
  • A section about natural glass and Egyptian faience.
  • The technical aspects about glass fusing.
  • Step by step - a public commission by La Londe.
  • How to make 10 different easy slumping molds.
  • Many "how-to" illustrations...
  • and much, much, more!
Price: $51.95

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