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Kiln Firing Glass: Glass Fusing Book One

Kiln Firing Glass:
Glass Fusing Book One

Kiln Firing Glass: Glass Fusing Book One, by Boyce Lundstrom. Contains chapters on: Tools and supplies, glass compatibility, annealing, design, kilns, kiln firing cycles, slumping, use of molds.

We are entering an exciting new era in the 4000-year history of glass. Twentieth century technology makes it attractive for artists and craftsmen to find a medium of expression in ancient glass processes. Kiln technology, lightweight refractories, the silicon chip, and other modern engineering innovations make a return to old processes, such as glass fusing, practical and not limited to the production of functional objects or other time-honored forms. Exploration into the full potential of glass as a material has never been as exciting as it is today.

This book endeavors to point out that glass fusing is within the realm of the individual artist and craftsperson.

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