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Contemporary Warm Glass

Contemporary Fused Glass

Extensively revised and expanded!

Contemporary Fused Glass is 30% larger than it's predecessor Contemporary Warm Glass, with an even better tutorial and with expanded sections on inclusions, surface techniques, pattern bars, high temperature firing, and more.

Along with a new cover and title Contemporary Fused Glass includes dozens of full color photographs of kilnforming processes and inspirational contemporary glass artwork from artists throughout the world. Like its predecessor, Contemporary Fused Glass promises to be a welcome addition to your glass library.

Whether you’re a newcomer to fusing and slumping or an experienced glass artist, Contemporary Fused Glass is an invaluable guide to developing and improving your ability to work with glass in a kiln.

Contemporary Fused Glass, a revised and expanded edition of Brad Walker’s Contemporary Warm Glass, contains up-to-date information on all aspects of fusing and slumping, featuring techniques and processes for:
  • Basic fusing and slumping projects, such as making coasters, tiles, bowls, and platters
  • Information on materials for fusing and slumping, from kilns to molds to types of glass and essential safety equipment
  • Instructions for compatibility testing and annealing, including numerous firing schedules for fusing, slumping, and kiln casting
  • Information about more advanced techniques, such as inclusions, pattern bars, reactive glass, pot and wire melts, combing, and using drop rings and floral formers
  • An introduction to kiln casting, using recycled glass, coldworking, and finishing
  • Hundreds of tips and suggestions, from troubleshooting to health and safety to making your own supplies, stringer, and confetti.
Complete with over 150 full color photographs, including over 90 photos of inspirational contemporary warm glass artwork from artists throughout the world.

Price: $44.05

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